My journey, like everyone in the games industry, has been a little strange. I started out with a major in software engineering at Miami University, fell in love with game development and changed majors to “Interactive Media Studies” and pursued game development and design with my whole heart. I took a job after graduation as a software engineer, realized how miserable I would be doing anything other than games, and got in contact with the University of Utah. While looking over the different tracks and focuses available, I discovered that what I’d been doing was known as Game Production, and I promptly applied to the master’s program. My time here has been incredibly formative and productive, and with dozens of games, prototypes, and experiments under my belt, I’m excited to finally transition out of academia and into the games industry proper.

I’d love to talk about games (obviously), cooking, succulents, or the Android: Netrunner card game at any time! Contact me (or send me Netrunner decklists) at, or call me at (701) 306-1229!